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Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors
Kentucky Administrative Regulations

201 KAR 35:010 Definitions
201 KAR 35:020 ​Fees.
201 KAR 35:030 ​Code of ethics.
201 KAR 35:040 ​Continuing education requirements.
201 KAR 35:050 ​Curriculum of study.
201 KAR 35:055 ​Temporary registration or certification
201 KAR 35:060 ​Complaint procedure.
201 KAR 35:070 ​Supervision and work experience.
​201 KAR 35:075 ​Substitution for work experience for an applicant for CADC
201 KAR 35:080 ​Voluntary inactive status.
201 KAR 35:090 Appeal from a denial of or refusal to renew or reinstate a registration, certificate, or license, or denial of continuing education hours by the board.