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Kentucky Board of Certification of Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors
Disciplinary Actions

The following is a summary of disciplinary actions taken against individuals by the board during board meetings. This summary is intended for informational purposes only. All information is believed to be accurate; however, complete terms of each disciplinary action are contained in the board's written records.

For further information, contact the board administrator at 502-564-3296, ext.222 or via e-mail at

Adobe Required
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 Final Actions

Kenny Bentley.pdf
Final Order - One Year Suspension6/8/201066 KB
Traci Taliaffero.pdf
Final Order / Settlement Agreement11/4/2011223 KB
George Kyle.pdf
Final Order - Voluntary Surrender of License11/4/201170 KB
Donna Dixon.pdf
Final Order - Settlement Agreement 5/2/2014204 KB
Shannon K. Gray.pdf
Final Order - Settlement Agreement 5/2/2014244 KB
Tanner Steelman.pdf
Final Order - Settlement Agreement 5/2/2014191 KB
Donald K. Whitley.pdf
Final Order - Settlement Agreement 5/2/2014185 KB
Drexel Wayne Hoffman.pdf
Settlement Agreement, Release and Final Order3/8/2017226 KB
Vernon C. Cornett.pdf
Settlement Agreement, Release and Final Order3/10/2017189 KB
Phillip Haney.pdf
Settlement Agreement, Release and Final Order3/13/20173070 KB
David A. Weinstein.pdf
Agreed Order5/22/2017187 KB
Craig A. MacInnes.pdf
Final Order1/10/2018404 KB
Heather Pauline.pdf
Final Order3/7/201879 KB
Rebeca Fields.pdf
Disciplinary Notice 4/5/2018792 KB
Janice Wilson.pdf
Agreed Order5/17/20183437 KB