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Kentucky Board of Certification of Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors

The purpose of the Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors (ADC) is to administer and enforce the statutory authority and to monitor the needs of the consuming public. The board examines and certifies all eligible candidates for entry into the profession of Alcohol and Drug Counseling. It recommends appropriate changes in the law to assure fairness and equality. The board conducts formal hearings when necessary and prosecutes by due process any violators of KRS 309.080 to 309.089.

The board is a self-supporting agency and receives no General Fund tax appropriation.  It is funded entirely through fees assessed for licensing its professionals.

Renewal Information - click the following link -  IMPORTANT RENEWAL INFORMATION.pdf

**May 2017 Regulation Changes and Additions - Please review the current regulations under the Resource tab above by clicking on the Kentucky Administrative Regulations on the drop down menu.**

Do you need to find a licensed person with the Kentucky Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors?
You can now search the Active License Directory located here that will allow you to search for a licensed individual by Board, License Type, Region and/or County.
In addition, you can verify a license by clicking here.
*Please note: Licensees have the option to publicize information or leave it unavailable. The Office of Occupations and Professions believes this information will be useful and serve public protection.
Important message regarding your renewal: If your renewal is due please go directly to eServices at  The paper renewal form is no longer available.
1) Forgot username and password link - click button and they will be sent to you - please see number 2 on login using O&P number

2) O&P Number: On your email /letter renewal notice, you will find your O&P number for login.
3) Renewal Date is not your expiration date explained: Your Expiration date is the last date you may practice and bill for services and it is shown to the public and employers at online verification. If your employer is telling you that you cannot practice beyond your renewal date, that is an employer and employee issue. Medicaid has agreed and is using the online verification expiration date for their billing. The expiration date represents the end of the grace period found in your Board’s licensure regulations allowing for board imposed late fees or penalties, but you maintain the ability to practice until the shown expiration date. 
Immediate impact to all credentialed alcohol and drug counselors:
Information regarding KRS 210.366 - Training program in suicide assessment, treatment, and management can be found at:
June 2016
 Important Notice Regarding New Online System
You must create a brand new username and password.
Old One Stop Usernames and passwords are no longer valid and will not work.
v  Social Security number is used strictly as an identifier to accurately match old system data to new system data.  It will not remain within public view and has strict security.
v Please pay close attention to the required fields when registering your account. 
v When individual Board's online renewal is completed, we will use the valid email address to communicate any new features or procedures. After your new user account is set up, you can print a new card or certificate. Legacy License Number and License Number will show identical licensure status and are valid to use today.

The Department for Professional Licensing suggests completing your renewal at least two weeks prior to your expiration date. 


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